Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rescued nurses offered jobs at ATLAS Hospitals in Oman!

Dr. Ramachandran, Chairman of ATLAS Jewellery & Group, announced that all 46 nurses who have returned from Iraq are welcome to work at hospitals owned by ATLAS in Oman.

Dr. Ramachandran first expressed his joy on the safe return of the nurses who were stranded in war-torn Iraq and told that he is extremely happy to offer them jobs. He went on to say: "I lost everything in Kuwait during the Gulf War. Yet ATLAS revived to its full glory like a phoenix bird. So I really empathize with them. It's a huge relief for me that they are back home and safe."

The ATLAS Group owns and runs two hospitals in Oman. "We are extremely happy to offer them jobs at this critical juncture. And I am very happy to help those who have faced such hardship."

"To work in Oman, candidates need to pass a written exam which can be completed in India. They also need to pass an oral exam in Muscat issued by the Ministry of Health. ATLAS will cover the exam fees as well as the initial airfare costs to Muscat. Upon passing both exams and found eligible to work in Oman the nurses will be absorbed into our hospitals. The HR department of our hospitals will do everything possible to help them and we expect within a month or two they will be back on their feet."

Those interested in pursuing employment should contact

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