Thursday, September 8, 2011

No glitz, no glamor but plenty of activity!

ATLAS Hospital – Oman has celebrated its first year anniversary at its brand new location in Ruwi, Muscat. There was no glitz, no glamor, no pomp but plenty of activity! Members of the community celebrated this milestone with an energetic blood donation camp at the hospital premises. The camp was conducted in association with Dept of Blood Services, Ministry of Health (Baushar Blood bank). The camp witnessed around 70 donors comprised of Omanis, expats and ATLAS employees.

Our aim in organizing the camp was to help fulfill the needs of the Omani people for safe, reliable and cost-effective blood transfusions at times of need and to help maintain a stable blood supply. A secondary goal was to promote local awareness about the important need for voluntary blood donation. The transfusion of blood and blood components helps to save the lives of countless patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses.

During the course of the year we have held special camps on various occasions such as Omani Women’s Day, Renaissance Day, etc. In fact, we just completed our annual blood donation camp at ATLAS Star Medical Center in Ghoubra. But the enthusiastic participation of our donors was inspirational and never gets old. One of them commented "I do this periodically to experience the wonderful feeling derived from giving something vital to an unknown person who needs it."

“The demand for blood is many: from accident victims to cancer patients and children with blood disorders. Donating blood is a noble act. It is a significant contribution to our society. The bottom line is that donating blood can save lives. We are very proud of this initiative to mark our first year anniversary.” said Dr. M.M. Ramachandran, Chairman & Founder of the ATLAS Jewellery & Group.

Here’s hoping for plenty more blood donation camps to come!

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