Saturday, April 16, 2011

ATLAS celebrates World Autism Awareness Day!

ATLAS celebrated World Autism Awareness Day on Friday April 1, 2011 by participating in a walk from Bareeq Al Shatti to Qurum Park in Muscat. The walk was organized by The Autism Awareness Group of Oman with active participation from the Association of Early Intervention and the Sultan School. The ATLAS family showed our support with volunteers, medical staff and support staff along with the ATLAS Hospital ambulance team joining in.

The event united more than a hundred participants, consisting of students, parents, teachers and friends, to drive awareness of issues affecting the autism community and to help improve the lives of families and individuals living with autism. And as is true for most people with disabilities, people with autism often suffer a double burden. They confront the daily challenges of their condition but they must also cope with the negative attitudes of society. With no known cause or cure, early detection and intervention are key to helping children with Autism and their families get the help they need. Here’s hoping that further research and awareness will help create a better, inclusive and caring society for all.

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