Monday, June 21, 2010

ATLAS announces an unique opportunity to book Gold!

You can now book gold with ATLAS Jewellery in any of its branches in the GCC or India. You can book at the price prevailing on the day of booking. If you are not taking delivery of the gold ornaments immediately for any reason whatsoever you will be pleased to note that ATLAS will add an extra weight of gold calculated at a rate of 8% per annum till the date of receiving the gold ornaments.

Why buy Gold?
Gold acts as a hedge against inflation and a safe haven in times of a financial crisis. Compared to any other investment, gold alone can retain its value even when there is a stock market downturn or an economic recession. It has a history of providing you with a high ROI, whether it is gold bar, coins or ornaments. Instant salability, easy storage and transportability makes Gold an ideal medium of investment.

The Future of Gold
Recent financial crisis the world over may lead to an inflation burst in the near future. People with cash, bonds, pension, fixed income may see their wealth disappear. The winner in such circumstances will be those who possess Gold.

Traditional Value
Gold has been part of tradition for thousands of years as jewellery, global currency, commodity, investment and simply as an object of beauty. Every bride in India is ordained with gold which symbolizing prosperity. Not only that it gives financial security as well. The pure truth is that there is no gift that comes anywhere close to gold, that you can give your loved one, for sheer value, liquidity and preciousness.

Gold price is always on the rise. Use it to your advantage. Avail our easy payment scheme to suit your purse. For booking and booking related enquiries contact:

Sanal (India)
Tel: (+91-484)-261-0899
Cell: (+91-963)-304-0000

Manoj (Overseas)
Tel: (+971-4)-225-4235
Cell:(+971-55)-361- 2108

Important Note:
  • Please make sure that all bookings are done through the above mentioned persons and you receive a valid token no. for all future communications.
  • This offer is not valid in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


  1. you are saying right that Gold price will always on the rise.

  2. The price of gold goes up and down several times during the day. However, if we take a large enough big picture view, you will notice the rising long term pattern in the price of gold. Google “10 year (or 30 year) gold price history graph” to see this pattern for yourself. Naturally, it is the volatility of gold that allows one to make a profit by investing in the metal. There will be troughs in this pattern as well as peaks and the key is simple: to buy gold when the price is low and sell when the price is high. In the 70’s, gold used to trade for less than $50 for one Troy ounce of gold. In 1980, gold hit a high of approximately $850 before plunging and steadying in the 300-400 range. Currently, the spot price of gold is above $1,200, a record high.

    Many economists and experts expect the gold price will continue to increase. The truth is that no one can predict the price of gold. What I believe though is that if you have the means and can wait long enough, gold can be a very good investment.