Thursday, June 4, 2009

Akshara Shloka Winners: Sreelakshmi and Suraj!

This year’s winners were Mrs. Sreelakshmi in the Seniors Category and Mr. Suraj Palali in the below 18 years Category. Our ATLAS Group Chairman, the main event organizer, Mr. M. M. Ramachandran gave away gold medals and cash prizes for all winners. “These kind of competitions increase awareness about Akshara Shlokas among the younger generation and I take great pride in playing a humble part in preserving this art form” Ramachandran said. Akshara Shloka is a special style of poetical entertainment developed in Kerala. An Akshara Shlokam competition is conducted every year by Akhila Kerala Akshara Shloka Parishat in association with ATLAS in memory of Mr. Kamalakara Menon, a famous poet.

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